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Michael Taggart

Mr. Taggart had been in practice in the State of California since June 1986.  That's over 31 years of experience as a litigator, and counselor of law.  Mr. Taggart's primary focus has been as a criminal defense attorney since 1996. He represented criminal cases both Misdemeanor and Capital Felonies, including Drug Trafficking, Sales; DUI, Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse. His prior experience as a civil trial lawyer well prepared him for criminal defense litigation.

Mr. Taggart has a special relationship with all of his clients current of past, regardless of the nautre of their matter. Mr. Taggart takes his responsibility as counselor of law seriously, as all of his clients are available to his advice and counsel for any matter civil or otherwise that has a legal impact on them or their family. He fosters a strong professional relationship for years long after a client's pending matter is resolved.

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